Hypixel & Discord Verification Bot

A Discord bot that makes Hypixel and Discord integration easy for server owners.

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Manage Roles - For giving the verified role (and rank roles)
Manage Nicknames* - Change's the user's nickname once verified (setting must be enabled)
Read Messages - Lets the bot check for commands that start with the prefix
Send Messages - For responding to bot commands
Manage Messages* - Delete bot invocation commands
Embed Links - Most of the bot's messages are embeds
Attach Files* - To allow the bot to send verification instructions
Add Reactions* - Makes it obvious that the bot responded to some messages
Use External Emojis - Makes the embeds look nicer

*Not required

Planned Features

In list of highest to lowest priority

  • Guild support - Guild ranks & more
  • Username banning - Prevents banned usernames from being verified in the specific server (Global banning added, server banning being worked on)



  • DeleteVerifyMsgs setting - Deletes the messages after a user successfully verifies (suggested by MrMinecraftguy8 ðŸ˜ģ)


  • Bug fixes - Fixed "Unknown Error" and "Too many recent attempts" errors
  • Universal tag support - Discord tags that contain 𝔀ð“Ūð“ēð“ŧ𝓭 ð“Žð“ąð“Šð“ŧð“Šð“Žð“―ð“Ūð“ŧ𝓞 Minecraft chat doesn't support can now verify.


  • AllowSBZScammers setting - Setting that allows known SkyblockZ scammers to verify.


  • ✅ Faster verification
  • ❌ Better error catching
  • Basic Guild Settings - GuildName & GuildMatch settings added


  • ✅ Verification bug fixed - It sometimes took longer than normal to verify, or you wouldn't be verified at all.
  • Skin overlays - Skin overlays are now shown


  • Settings rework - Makes it easier for me to add configuration options 😈
  • Guild support is almost finished
  • New settings menu - Just looks better
  • Embed updates
  • Faster commands
  • Even better error messages ðŸ˜ą
  • Global user blacklist temporary removed
  • Bug fixes


  • Linked accounts shown on !user - Shows Hypixel Forums account and more (requested by TheGalacticAce ðŸ˜ģ)
  • Bug fixes - Fixed a few big bugs
  • Better ❌ error messages


  • Quick Add - Global user blacklist 😐


  • HyVerify Support - ðŸ˜ą Automatically configures HyVerify roles and prefix for HypeLink.


  • Bug fixes - Small text fixes and accurate server count


  • Command fuzzing - The bot will respond to misspelled commands (E.g `!hepl -> !help`)
  • User count - Shows the bot's total user amount from doing !stats
  • Bug fixes - Small things you probably haven't noticed 😛


  • Text fix - Fixed weird settings display
  • Permission check - Bot tells you if it doesn't have the required permissions


  • !user [username] - Displays name changes and links to stats for a user âœĻ
  • English fix ðŸĪŠ - Fixed wording in a few error embeds


  • Bot lag fixed 😭


  • Fixed visual settings bug
  • Added NameMC & Plancke links to successfully verified embed
  • Pings user in verified embed (requested by Gogeta ðŸ˜ģ)
  • Added the RemoveRoleOnVerify setting (also requested by Gogeta ðŸ˜ģ)